Monitor state and local campaign donations to make sure your employees aren't violating pay-to-play policies.

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Advisers Act of 1940 Compliance

Actively monitor employee campaign contributions to prevent fines and fee forfeitures.

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MSRB Rule Book Compliance

Verify firm compliance for all your municipal bond business

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Politically Sensitive Industries

Monitor employee campaign contributions to deter unfortunate PR events, fines, and legal suits

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Daily Contribution Tracking

We gather Federal, State and local election data when available for 49 of 50 states (SD still in progress) - daily in most cases. We use that to verify self-certification compliance programs and prevent non-disclosure.


Real time alerts of monetary political activity

Our systems will check all state and local political giving activity within 24 hours of it posting to public records. We alert you if we suspect your employees participated in a transaction.


Smart Query
Query Outside the Box

We realize that the world of names is messy. William can also be Will, Bill, Billy, or even Liam. Elizabeth can be known as Beth, Liz, and Eliza. You get the point. To solve this we integrate a database of over 14,000 nicknames for many nationalities and ethnic groups. State and local campaign data collection is messy, often taken by hand or by manual entry. We seek to capture any possible variation of the names we monitor for your firm. In addition, we can search by address, to help capture household giving that may also be in violation of firm policy.


Use historical data to diligence new hires and existing employees
Know before there is a problem.

Take your on-boarding process a step forward. Political giving exposes your firm. Integrate political contribution history into your employee on-boarding. Know if your employees create risk to your contract, lobbying, or other government relations strategy.